Swimming and Water Safety Teacher




1 Day practical session combined with online learning

Entry Requirements



Online learning modules and face to face practical assessment


This is a nationally recognised qualification



Through the course you will be gain and practice the skills to the level required by industry. Swim Teachers provide vital life skills to their students allowing them to navigate water safely. The course is designed to meet the expectations of the industry by following the requirements of the guidelines for safe pool operations (GSPO’s) and the requirements set out in the training package.

At completion of the course you will receive a nationally accredited SISSS00112 Swimming and Water Safety Teacher skill set statement of attainment.

Key aspects of knowledge that will be learned throughout the Swim Teacher course include:

  • Legal, ethical and organisational requirements
  • Potential dangers in aquatic environments
  • Instructional methods and principles
  • Principles of movement in water
  • Principles of session planning
  • Learning styles
  • Group management and communication techniques
  • Characteristics of participant groups

Skills that will be gained throughout the course and physical evaluation include:

  • Identifying common signs and signals of a person experiencing difficulties in water
  • Performing basic water rescues
  • Developing and implementing lesson plans
  • Using and modifying instructional strategies for individuals 
  • Instructing water familiarisation, buoyancy and mobility skills
  • Instructing swimming stokes
  • Instructing skill correction
  • Reflecting on key aspects of instruction for improvement
This course is a blended model with online modules to complete before the practical assessment session.

The time it takes to complete the online modules will vary based on the learners previous experiences.

The face to face assessment session will be 1 day in length allowing additional time for necessary reassessment.

You will be assessed via observation on the day of your class, with multiple scenarios being completed

Location will be dependent on the course that you select.

The course cost is $50.