Pool Lifeguard Reaccreditation




Assessment only practical session of 4 hours

Entry Requirements

In order to be eligible for the Pool Lifeguard Reaccreditation course students must hold the SISSS00111 skill set issued by a nationally recognised RTO


Online learning modules and face to face practical assessment


This is a nationally recognised qualification



Through the course you will be able to refine and practise your skills to the level required by industry. Professional lifeguards prevent people from drowning by proactively supervising swimmers and those partaking in water activities.
The course is designed to meet the expectations of the industry by following the requirements of the guidelines for safe pool operations (GSPO’s) and the requirements set out in the training package.

Skills that lifeguards will gain in the SISSS00111 Pool Lifeguard
Skill Set include:

  • Anticipating how and where incidents will occur;
  • Recognising incidents;
    Effectively managing incidents;
  • Thinking critically about possible complications;
  • Acting in a professional manner; and
  • Protecting the safety of one-self and others.

The lifeguard will be able to react and execute effective rescues without stopping to think about how to perform various parts of a skill. Lifeguards will learn skills that are safe, practical and effective.

Skills that will be gained throughout the course and physical evaluation:

  • Retrieve an object from the deepest part of the pool
  • Rescue | responsive guest in distress
  • Rear | unresponsive guest in distress
  • Deep water rescue | unresponsive guest in distress
  • Rapid extrication | unresponsive guest in distress
  • Spinal management techniques
This course is a blended model with online modules to complete before the practical assessment session.

Assessment only class

The online modules will take up to 200 minutes to complete based on your previous experiences.

The face to face assessment session will be 4 hours in length.

You will be assessed via observation on the day of your class, with multiple scenarios being completed

Location will be dependent on the course that you select.

The course cost is $150 for the general public with an exclusive offer of $45 off the RRP for all BlueFit employees and BlueFit leisure members.